In my private coaching program, I work with clients to build their confidence in growing all elements of their business, so they can fully enjoy the freedom and income of being a successful entrepreneur.

Confidence Unleashed 3 Month Private Coaching Program

What if that blog of yours could generate enough income for you to… quit your job, stay home with your kids, finance your next vacation or whatever your heart desires?

Are you a subject matter expert with a lot of knowledge that you want to share with the world, but aren’t sure how to get your message out, or how to find clients who need the experience that you’ve got?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone who has walked in your shoes and has experienced the kind of freedom and success that you are longing for…

Someone who can come alongside you, grow your confidence in technology, and processes and marketing and mindset…

Someone to hold you accountable and show you that you are not alone and how to walk the path to a freedom creating business.

Most days you’re…

  •  Sick of the social media hamster wheel. You have a small following which is nice but you feel you’re spending WAY too much time commenting, posting, sharing, (and all the etceteras) for such teeny tiny results. #frustrating
  •  Wearing wayyyyy too many hats! Writer Hat. Editor Hat. Publicist Hat. Marketing Hat. Social Media Manager Hat. It’s exhausting and let’s be honest - no closet really needs that many hats! You’re super frickin’ capable but right now, you’re also spread too damn thin. You know you need to prioritize but where do you start?
  • Burdened with constant technical problems, or scared of drumming up new ones by making too many site changes! You want to write! That’s why you started your blog in the first place! Not so you can spend hours on technical message boards troubleshooting your site. But you know your blog can’t take over the world if it’s plagued by 404 errors. Bah!
  • Curious if anyone is even listening. Sure you have analytics for your site, but are you actually REACHING your audience in an effective, efficient way? Are your fans SHARING your content? Are you reaching any NEW people? You should be the next tastemaker in your field but it’s not going to happen if no one is listening!
  • Not sure where to go next. You have this awesome business and amazing ideas but sometimes you ask, ‘what’s the point?’ You want a bigger picture, but you’re too busy with the day to day to imagine what that could even be.

You CAN build a into a thriving freedom-based business and rewarding career.  But you DO need a little help from your friends. (aka me!)


I’m Ashley Rader, and I know all of this because I’ve totally been there.

After launching 3 hugely successful online businesses of my own (hello million dollar gross profits!), following a career in marketing and sales, I found out (the hard way) exactly what it takes to build traffic and strategize your marketing in the BIG picture.

I built my first website way back in 2004, when the internet was still pretty shiny and new. It grew to become one of the highest ranked e-commerce sites in the wedding industry.

My main goal was just to build a business that would allow me to stay at home with my kids, but site was a huge success right away!  The work became so overwhelming that to make things simpler I focused all of my marketing attention on one area: SEO. And it worked!

By its third year, my site was grossing over a million dollars annually.

But then, things changed. Google changed their SEO algorithms and in a matter of months my website hits dropped a whopping 75%. Crash and burn!

I had to slowly build my business back up with a more diverse marketing strategy.  I learned what I needed, and made it happen. This also allowed me to streamline my approach so I could focus on the big picture, rather than the daily grind. 

Because that’s how you run a business most effectively.



Today, I have over 11 years of experience as an online and digital marketer. I’ve built hundreds of blogs for myself and clients. I’ve developed WordPress plugins and premium themes. I’ve generated millions of dollars in sales as an affiliate marketer, managed social media networks, produced content for blogs and figured out how to get my websites to rank on google without spending a dime.

But enough about me. 

I’m here to help you do the same! I’m here to guide you in creating an effective vision and strategy to build your online business into not only a serious money making machine, but also a launch pad for bigger and better things!

Like, say, your own media empire?

Don’t laugh. It’s in you! You can totally make it happen!

Just imagine a world where you could…

  • Work from anywhere! Your home, a favorite coffee shop, even a private beach in the Bahamas with a Mai Tai* in hand. (*for after “work” of course)
  • Have MORE time to spend with friends, and family. Your website could give you the flexibility to spend your time how YOU want to spend it, with the people you love.
  • Be your own boss. You can be the architect of your own destiny. And you won’t ever have to worry about someone stealing your lunch even though you TOTALLY wrote your name on it.
  • Get paid to do what you LOVE! Make real money by sharing your expertise and passions with the world. Help add to your family’s income or even QUIT YOUR JOB!
  • Know your audience is listening. You can be 100% confident that your content is exactly what your audience wants to read and share a million times. And it’s sustainable (and fun!) for you to provide.
  • Run your business the way you WANT it to run. Feel free to hang up a few of those hats. You know what’s working and what you can let go!
  • Become a tastemaker! Write a book, host on a TV show, start a media empire  - your blog can be an amazing launch pad for bigger business goals!
  • You have the energy to THINK BIG and take your business and career to the next level.


We weren’t meant to make the entrepreneurial trek alone!

Lets face it - there is a ton of information out on the web on how to grow your business - and trying to navigate it on your own can be a maze of confusingness - am I right?

I’ve walked in your shoes and I know exactly what it takes - the action steps that you need to take, to build and grow a successful online business.

So you can build a life of freedom!


I’ll walk you through:

  • Setting up the groundwork for your business, making sure its established correctly
  • Clearly helping you understand the technology you’ll be using, so that it is an avenue for growth, rather than a confusing barrier to success
  • Helping you nail down your branding, your “why” story, and your customer avatar
  • Talk through your services, offerings or products - and the determining the best ways to package them
  • Create proper funnels so that you have a way to acquire customers and leads, and built loyalty almost immediately
  • Finally, set up long term diverse traffic and marketing strategies that will continue to grow for years to come

Confidence Unleashed Private Coaching Program

3 Months of Private Coaching

My private coaching program is a 3 month commitment.  During the course of our 3 months of working together, we’ll assess your current business, set goals for where you want to be, and then map out and implement your custom plan for success.

Private 1 Hour Weekly Skype Sessions

We’ll pick a time that works for both of our schedules, and once a week we’ll meet via skype for a one hour, live, private training and coaching with me (Ashley).  We’ll assess where you are in your business, and plan a course for achieving the goals that you set out ahead of time.

Lifetime Membership to Blog Genesis Academy

Over 150 video tutorials covering everything needed to build and grow your business.   From building your wordpress site, to marketing it, growing traffic & creating your own products - this self-paced course will supplement all of our 1-on-1 teaching showing you exactly how to implement the action steps that will make your online business a success.

So, what can you expect with the
Confidence Unleashed Private Coaching Program***?

Month 1 

  • Perform goal, passion and branding assessments to ensure your business is moving in the right direction
  • Get crystal clear on what you want your site to be about, and who your ideal customer is
  • Revise and modify website copy/elements/features that aren’t working to reinforce your brand or your goals
  • Perform and in depth social media analysis, creating focus tasks for growing your targeted reach
  • Create an opt-in special offer (freebie) to begin building your list

Month 2

  • Optimize your site for monetization
  • Plan a strategy for content creation and publicity- focusing on methods that will drive the most traffic for your niche
  • Brain storm and develop the concept for your first “product” (book, online course, podcast, webinar series, consulting package, physical products, etc)
  • Begin creating your product focusing on providing VALUE to your target market

Month 3

  • Implement the processes or sales funnels required to deliver your product to your customers
  • Plan the launch of your new product
  • Plan a strategy for scaling your blog and your business to the next level
  • Implement a plan for automating your business and outsourcing so you can earn more, while working less
  • Learn how to continue to confidently position yourself as the authority in your niche!

***Action items above will vary depending on where you are in your business (are you established?  do you have a website set up yet?  Do you have a following on your site and/or social media?)  During the initial discovery call, we will assess where you are in your business, what your business’ goals are, and your coaching calls will be custom tailored to move you in the direction of your specific goals.

Investment in Confidence Unleashed


(Or 3 Installment Payments of $1600)

Who Is This For?

  • You have an established blog or business, and you are committed to putting in whatever it takes to tranform it into a successful, freedom based business
  • You don’t yet have an established blog or business, but you have a vision of what you want to build and are dedicated to learning and putting in the time and effort to see your dream come to fruition
  • You aren’t afraid to be pushed to realize your gifts and achieve your goals
  • You are tired of “gurus” who talk a lot about building a business - but they have never really built a business themselves.  You want to work with someone who has started where you are, and built million dollar businesses.
  • You aren’t afraid of learning and implementing new things, new strategies, and opening your mind to taking risks in return for huge payouts.

Who Is This NOT For?

  • You have an established blog, but you aren’t interested in taking it beyond a “journal” of your interests - you didn’t start your blog to make money, and there is no sense starting now.
  • You’re constantly chasing the “next big thing”.  You’ll give this a try for a few weeks and if you aren’t seeing instant riches, you’re onto the next thing.
  • You aren’t willing to step out of your comfort zone - even just a little bit.
  • You don’t like someone giving you feedback, challenging you to see your gifts and your potential, and holding you accountable to goals that you’ve set for yourself.
  • You aren’t able or willing to put in a few hours a day to grow your business
  • You’re only interested in following the path of what all the other bloggers or business’ are doing

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers,
the believers and thinkers.
But most of all, surround yourself with those
who see the greatness within you –
even if you don’t see it yourself.”

Why Choose Ashley?


  • I have a proven track record for building million dollar businesses from the ground up over the last 11 years
  • Running an “at home” business with 3 little ones has made me an expert in automation and task-oriented productivity.   You’ll learn all my tricks for getting MORE done in less time, so you can actually spend time with your family, or travel the world, or whatever your heart desires.
  • I’m an experienced web designer so I not only understand the marketing elements of running a website, but the technical elements as well.   You’ll learn simple tips and tricks for mastering your website and the technology that it uses (your $250 a month on-call web designer may not appreciate what I’m going to show you!)
  • I’ll show you the exact strategies and processes that I and some of the top bloggers and marketers in the world use to grow FREEDOM BUILDING businesses, allowing you to work fewer hours while enjoying the life you love.
  • Most of all, you’ll gain the CONFIDENCE to market your blog like an expert, command your niche like a true authority, and begin earning profits like a real business.

When I first started out in the Internet Marketing industry nine years ago, Ashley Rader was my first mentor. I will never forget how incredibly patient she was with me when I didn’t understand very basic concepts. Mostly due to Ashley’s instruction, I was able to successfully run an ecommerce store, then later an SEO company. I have no doubt that Ashley’s encouragement, ability to break concepts down so a nontechnical person could understand them, and her patient instruction were a huge part of my success in the industry.

Ashley Coombe


I have only had time to implement a few of the recommendations specifically outlined for my blog and have already seen an increase in organic searches! I am so thrilled to have found such a great resource in Ashley. I urge you all to take full advantage. This is chock full of great information you can use and implement on your own. You can only imagine how much more information/help she gives through her paid packages. Thank you again Ashley!

Elena Peters

I’ve personally been blogging for several years, but I have learned so many new things - Ashley is wonderful to work with. If you have any questions or need help, she’s always readily available. I highly recommend Ashley no matter where you are on your blogging journey.

Lani Padilla

Ashley helped me grow my blog, was there to answer my questions and showed me how to follow the path to success that I should be taking.

Joanna Grzeszczak

Ashley is not only knowledgable, but also anticipates the needs or her trainees, so she can tailor the training to someone who is coming to the material fresh. This has been invaluable to me as a new blogger, who dabbled a bit on my own and then wanted to take my blog to a more professional level.

Lory Bernstein

I Work With Dedicated, Driven and Hard-Working Individuals, Who Want To Build Successful Online Businesses And Live The Life They’ve Always Wanted.  Is That You?

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